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Piano moving is rather troublesome and difficult case. And it doesn't matter whether it is transportation from a musical shop to the apartment or from the concert hall to conservatory. The main thing about piano delivery is to carry out everything very accurately, at the scheduled time and with a guarantee of complete safety. Piano as well as grand piano — fragile thing, requiring special care. One careless movement when loading/unloading — musical instrument would be damaged. How to solve problems with transportation of a piano? Rapid moving company is well-known as one of the best and most professional among piano movers in Los Angeles. We take care of everything concerning piano moving.
First, packaging: to protect musical instrument from dust, impact of moisture and possible atmospheric precipitation. Second, accurate loading into the truck and moving: professional, experienced and careful, taking into consideration all vital and fragile parts of the piano, like pedals, wheels, legs. Third, unloading and placing your piano, where you need it, also very gently. We are rather cheap piano movers in Los Angeles, CA, so you not only will get high-quality moving service, but reasonable price. Get a free quote or call us directly to move your piano as good as a new one.

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