Why we recommend to empty the dressers before moving

28 July 2016
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28 July 2016, Comments 0

I am positive that everyone ask themselves a question “how can I save time and money on moving preparations?” Well this is a fair question to ask and to consider before every move. We know that some items like clothing from your wardrobe can be bulky and hard to pack, and they fill a lot of space in the moving truck and can take up considerable movers’ time. All that leads to added moving expenses. One way to cut it short and save time and money is to avoid dealing with dressers and staff in them by packing clothes in a dresser in order to conserve space, but it is not always as obvious as it seems.

We recommend to empty the dressers before moving, because you do not always know how sturdy and dependable your dresser are. If the furniture isn’t that sturdy sitting on the ground, it’s definitely not going to be sturdy when it’s twisted and shifted going up and down stairs or being transported into the moving truck. If the furniture needs to be navigated through a winding staircase or some other challenging obstacles in order to move it, it is best to remove everything completely – even the drawers themselves. The furniture may need to be flipped on its side or upside-down, and removing the drawers will ensure that they don’t get rattled around or fall out.

Furniture made from thin material such as particle board generally should be moved without items in the drawers, while furniture made from heavy, substantial material such as oak or other hardwoods can often handle clothes inside its dresser drawers for moving.

When moving a sturdy dresser, light clothes, linens, and small pillows are all ideal items to go in the drawers, just so long as they aren’t jam packed. You should avoid anything with glass, any jewelry that can be moved around and get stuck underneath drawers or fall out completely, and any overly heavy items such as books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

If you have any doubts, unsure whether your dresser can handle moving with clothes or anything else inside, it’s better to simply pack your belongings. It will potentially save you from having to deal with broken or damaged furniture, and it will be safer for whoever is moving the furniture itself.

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